Advanced Guide System: [Facebook Ads Learning Phase] – 2020

Advanced Guide Facebook Ads Learning Phase

Here you will learn an advanced guide system on the “Facebook ads learning phase” – From preparation to Re-targeting facebook ads in 4 different phases

1.) Facebook Ads Preparation
2.) Facebook Ads Testing
3.) Facebook Ads Capturing Rules
4.) Facebook Ads potential customers

Facebook Ads Preparation:

Like a wise man once said: “Preparation is the key to success”

In this part, you are doing 3 main things. First is getting to know all about your numbers. What is my target CPP, do I have any data before to know how many people add to my cart before they purchase, etc. Once you know all of these numbers making decisions on your ads will be a lot easier.

The next one is a bigger part, it’s content creation. It’s divided into 2 major pillars: 1. Creative and 2. Copy. Getting Ideas for creatives is pretty easy, what Russel Brunson is calling “Funnel Hacking” when modeling other Funnels, I call it “Content Hacking”

when I go to my biggest competitors and look at what kind of ads they are doing. Best is to go to the Facebook Ads Library and see which of their ads is running for the longest time since chances are high that these ads are their best ones (or they just suck at Facebook Ads and forgot to turn them off).

So after you have modeled their creatives it’s time to dive into copywriting.
For copywriting on cold audiences, you have to pinpoint the problem of your dream customer and present yourself as the solution, even better if the customer doesn’t know that he has the problem but you can make him think that he has the problem your product can solve.

With the ability, I just described: Making the customer think he has the problem your problem solves, you will never have to worry about money again.

So we use this formula:

  • Problem Introduction
  • Product aka Problem Solver
  • Introduction Call To Action

That looks pretty easy, right?

If you are good at copywriting this shouldn’t be a problem for you. If you aren’t you should start learning it because, in my opinion, this is one of the #1 skills a marketer should have.

For Warm and Hot Audiences you don’t need to paint them a picture of their problem since they already know the problem and had some kind of interaction with your brand. So you should create a sense of urgency.

For example with people that added something to their cart but didn’t purchased:

Didn’t you forget something? 

We are having a special promotion at the moment and want to offer you X% off if you buy now!”
Copies like this have been killing it and they are awesome for Re-targeting.

The 3rd one is to have the targeting prepared and all your audiences ready. If you happen to have data already you should utilize your Lookalikes, the ones that worked best for us were:
LLA’s from Pixel
LLA’s from Purchase
LLA’s from Website Visitors
LLA’s from IG & FB Engagers

But you should make sure to test all of them because there is no such thing as saying this lookalike with this percentage is the best because they all could work. So make sure to test all of them in your testing.

Besides LLA’s you should make sure to use some good interest targeting. I have already made a post in the past about targeting so if you want it, write it in the comments and I can send you the link.
So after doing all this, you’re ready to go and test the waters.

Facebook Ads Testing:

I get this question a lot so here I describe my initial campaign setup:
In the beginning, I start off with my Day trading Strategy which is at the moment just slaying it for me and my clients. For those of you

who haven’t read it I will briefly go over it:
You start with 10-30 Ad sets on a purchase conversion campaign. The budget you set on each one of them is 3$. You just leave the placements on automatic and the conversion window on a 7-day click / 1-day view.

Then you add 1-3 ads in each ad set. Make sure to share the post ID’s across all the ads so you keep your social proof.
What makes this strategy day trading like is that as soon as you see that an ad set is making a sale you increase the budget to 1x your target CPP for the day and reset the budget back to 3$ at midnight.

If you see that the ROAS of the ad set on which you just increased the budget is going below your target ROAS +1 (So if your target ROAS is 2 and it drops below 3 you turn off that ad set and turn it on at midnight with the initial budget of 3$)

You do this for 3-4 days, kill the bad ad sets, and put the new ones into a new campaign at 1x your CPP. don’t forget to always use new audiences in your testing campaign. Once you find your golden audiences we move to part 3…

Facebook Ads Capturing Rules:

As I already said once you have identified your profitable audiences you duplicate them into a second campaign at 1x CPP and let it run for at least 7 days to see if it’s performing over a long period. Make sure to use rules to protect your money and not lose too much.

This Campaign is just used as a second proof if the ad set is really working before we are spending big money on it.
So if your ad set is working duplicate it into a 3rd campaign at 8x your CPP to get it out of the learning phase and it gets 50 Conversions a week.

Here you want to use tight rules because you can lose money easily with this. If you want you can also add a manual bid at 2x your CPP.
With these simple 3 steps, we dominated a huge portion of our market

Facebook Ads Potential Customers:

This is an important part since here you can make the biggest profits because the people already had contact with you … you probably know what I’m talking about: RETARGETING

So how do we set up this campaign? I got to admit it 100% depends on your traffic volume. But what I usually do is I retarget every possible audience of the last 30 days and see which one works best. Most of the time I start with 5-10$ per audience and see how the frequency and ROAS are doing.

If my frequency goes to high and my ROAS drops I put down the budget to the point where I get better results and a lower Frequency.
The possible Audiences I retarget are:
All IG Engagers (Last 90 Days)
All FB Engagers (Last 90 Days)
Website Visitors (Last 30 Days)
View Content (Last 30 Days)
ATC (Last 30 Days)
Initiate Checkout (Last 30 Days)

What you can also do and what we did is to retarget everybody that did an action in the last 90 days and last 7 days. But you gotta make sure to exclude the other steps. So if you want to retarget the last 90 days exclude the last 30 days.

I tried to make this as transparent as possible to give you guys the framework we have been using to make this happen.
If you liked it make sure to like this post and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.


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