Improve Landing Page Conversion Rate, Average – 2020

Improve Landing Page Conversion Rate

I wanted to share with you a few tips that have personally helped our clients businesses. That will instantly help you to “improve landing page conversion rate”

If you have a landing page that is not converting well and you implement some of the advice below, you’ll potentially see an increase in conversions over the next few days regardless of your industry, product, or service.

Before reading the tips below, I want you to realize this: your landing page conversion rate is the most important metric you need to track and optimize.

Let me explain with a simple scenario…
Tom has a product priced at $397.

For every 100 leads Tom gets on his email list, 1 of them buys his $397 product (1% of his leads becomes a buyer).

To get leads, Tom drives people to a landing page where he gives them something irresistible for free.

Tom’s landing page has a 5% conversion rate, meaning that 5 out of 100 visitors enter their email address and become a lead.
This means that in order for Tom to make a sale, he needs to drive 2,000 people to the landing page:
2,000 visitors * 5% conversion rate = 100 leads
If Tom uses paid ads to get those people to the landing page and he ends up paying $0.5 per visitor, then he’s gonna spend $1,000 total:
2,000 * $0.5 = $1,000
So this means that in order for Tom to make a $397 sale, he needs to spend $1,000 dollars!

So if we do the math:
$1,000 – $397 = $603
Tom is losing $603 dollars for each sale he makes.

Do you get where I’m going?

Even if Tom decides to drive more traffic, he’s always gonna lose money because his funnel is not optimized!

Now let’s say that Tom reads this post (Tom is that you?) and then realizes that he needs to optimize his landing page.

He implements the tips below and gets his conversion rate to 20%.

This is what a 20% conversion would mean for him:
2,000 visitors * 20% conversion rate = 400 leads
That’s 4 times as many leads! But what about sales?
400 leads * 1% buyers = 4 sales
And how much is that in revenue?
4 sales * $397 = $1,588
If we subtract the money invested in paid ads:
$1,588 – $1,000 = $588 in profits
And then we divide the profits by 4 sales:
$588 / 4 sales = $147 profit per sale
By optimizing his landing page, Tom went from losing $603 per sale to profiting $147 per sale!

He didn’t have to tweak his email sequences, or add more upsells, or launch more paid ads or anything else.

Do you see why your landing page conversion rate is the most important component of your marketing funnel?

Now that we made that clear, let’s get into the tips. Here you go

#1 The 5-Second Landing Page Test:

People are always busy with their lives, even when they are doing nothing.

That includes you, me, and everyone around us.

There are just too many distractions in this digital world.

John wants to see the pictures of Hanna’s wedding, Alex wants to see how his buddy’s trip is going, Marcus wants to learn how to cook some nice dinner by watching a Youtube video, you get the point.

If you got someone to click through to your landing page, you already did half of the work.

Don’t waste that effort by confusing people when they land on that page.

If someone lands on your page and gets confused even for half a second, that’s all. what it takes for that person to close out the page and continue doing what he was doing.

Make sure that people can get what your lead magnet is all about and how it will help them in the first 3-5 seconds.

Don’t make them think and don’t confuse them.

Confused people don’t take action. Makes sense?

Now let’s go on to the next one…

#2 Ask Landing Page Visitor:

When people visit your landing page, they are an anonymous visitor.

When you ask them for an email address, phone number, or any other information, there’s some friction for a lot of people because that means that they’ll lose that anonymity.

They are going to have some thoughts like “why he needs my email?”, “is he gonna scam me?”, “This idiot just wants my information to contact me”, etc.

So what you can do about it? Use the power of micro-commitments!

Micro-commitments are just a series of really simple and small steps that get people committed to finishing a certain process (some weird psychological stuf.

For example, if John visits your landing page and the first thing that he sees is an opt-in form asking for his email and phone number, his brain is going to feel a bit threatened, making it less likely that he’ll give you his information.

However if instead of asking for an email address and phone number, you make him click a button first, then you ask him a couple of simple questions like:

“Are you interested in X?”

“What’s the most important thing to you?”

Then you have him click a button that says “Next”, then in this last step, you ask for his email address and phone number.

This time around, he is already on flow and will be more likely that he’ll give you his email and phone number because his brain is already committed to the process.

And once he’s committed, his brain will just want to finish the entire thing.

Side note: don’t make them type their answers, make them choose from a dropdown so there’s less friction. Remember, don’t make them think!

Cool stuff right? Here’s the next tip:

#3 Add Testimonials In Landing Page To Trust:

People always have their bs detectors on (that little mechanism in your brain that makes you think stuff like “this guy’s not legit”, “this guy sucks”, “I don’t believe him” and the list goes on).

In order for people to trust you in that first interaction, you need to show them that what you do is legit.

You can do this through testimonials or video testimonials.

Show them people who are rooting for you and that has gotten results with your lead magnet (doesn’t even have to be directly from the lead magnet, it can be people who have gotten results/value from your product or service).

One word of warning though, don’t overdo it.

Include 3 or 4, maybe 5 max. The email exchange is not that big of a transaction, so you don’t need to oversell it.

Video testimonials are always the best since they feel more personal and real. But it also depends on your specific market, so you need to test what kind of testimonial works best for you.

There are multiple types of testimonials you can add:
Text testimonial (just adding a headshot of the person, his name, his role, and the testimonial text)
Testimonial screenshot (if you have reviews on Facebook or people recommend you by commenting in FB posts and stuff, you can screenshot all those interactions and put them in your landing page)
Video testimonials (just embed the video directly in your page)
So make sure to test and see which one works best for you!

#4 Control Their Gaze On Landing Page:

I know this has happened to you: someone suddenly turns their head to look at something, then another curious person does the same, then the next one and suddenly you and every single person in that group is turning their heads to know what’s going on.

This is because we have this weird tendency to always follow other people’s gaze. As a matter of fact, this not only happens with humans. A lot of other species like monkeys, dogs, goats, and even tortoises follow each other’s gazes too.

You can leverage this in your landing pages by using something called “directional cues”. These are just visual aids like arrows or, you guessed it, an eye gaze of a person.

For example, add an arrow that points to the most important element in your page (your opt-in form or your call to action button).

Or use a background that has a person looking towards your form or your main headline.

That way, as soon as your visitors land on your page, you are going to control their gaze so that they look at what you want them to look first.

Pretty cool right?

#5 Don’t Make Them Go Away From Landing Page:

This is a mistake that a lot of people make when creating their landing pages.

They either include links to their social media (in the form of icons most of the time) or links to their website or embed Youtube videos with a clickable Youtube logo that takes people to the Youtube site.

Whatever the case, you need to be really conscious about this. If someone clicks on any of these links and leaves your funnel, you just lost a potential lead.

Most of the time they just get distracted with other stuff because you just lost their attention and as I told you, people are busy with their lives.

So don’t make people go away from your landing page, avoid including any external links at all costs.

When you embed videos also make the video not have anything clickable to an external site.

For example, when you embed a Youtube video, if they pause the video it shows a box with other recommended videos.

If they click one of those, they are gonna go through another rabbit hole that is not yours.

So avoid links to external places at all costs. Got it?

#6 Keep It Simple:

The last but not least important tip is to keep things simple.

I know you’re so excited about your business and this new thing you have going on, and you want to share all the jargon and technical details about your lead magnet.

That’s is not what works. What works is to keep everything in normal human language (you’re a human right?) so that it’s easy to understand for any targeted visitor who comes across your landing page.

Also, you don’t need to add all kinds of sections, hundreds of testimonials, long sales copy, etc.

The email exchange is a transaction of value, but it’s so low barrier that you don’t need to explain it or sell it too much.

As long as you let people know what transformation/benefit/outcome they are gonna get from your lead magnet, and show them a few brief testimonials, that’s all you need.

So keep it simple alright?

Last words of advice
When you’re optimizing a landing page, don’t change too many things at once. Otherwise, you’re not gonna be able to figure out which of those changes affected your conversion rate.

Also, not every single change you make to your landing page is gonna increase your conversion, some of them will actually decrease it and some of them won’t have any significant impact.

Start tweaking and testing to see what works for you!

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